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Talent and Producers 

We can put thought leaders, speakers, artists and talent in front of the audience that is looking for them, and place creative executives in environments where they can thrive. 

Festivals and Creative Organisations 

We can help curate speakers, panels, and content for your event, production, festival or organisation, with our unparalleled contact list, decades of experience, and talent scouting around the world. 

Travel and Eco Tourism 

Travelling sustainably and locally can change lives and break the cycle of poverty. Through our extensive experience in the travel industry, we offer consulting and strategy advice to tourism boards and the arts and travel industries on how to grow their markets sustainably, to demonstrate how economics, the arts, and the environment can co- exist.  

Sponsors and Benefactors 

Whether you’re looking to improve your company’s social responsibility bottom line, or you just want to know that your money is being put to good use, we can help you make sure your contributions are making an impact where it counts. 

 Contact if you want to know more about any or all of the above.